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Music Education for Character Education

Originally posted on Learning Strategies for Musical Success:
In 2015 the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues at the University of Birmingham called for character education to be embedded in UK curriculum. The report linked strong character traits such as…

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Introduction to Jazz Harmony

For some classical musicians, understanding the rich sounds of jazz harmony can seem elusive and unobtainable. But jazz harmony – an extension of classical harmony, is beautifully logical, simple to understand, and widely applicable. It sounds magical but there is no magic to

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Thrive! Linking intrinsic motivation, mindset and metacognitive processes

On January 27, 2016 I had the opportunity to present a keynote speech to the 150 staff at Ballarat Grammar School. The title (above) provided great scope to investigate the psychology and practicality of generating a rich self-directed learning environment. Few

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Motivation and the Drive to Learn

Why is it that some people achieve so much more than others? This simple question is one of the big concerns for education. Essentially though, it is motivation that underpins people’s choices and actions. Motivation is the fuel of human behaviour;

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Distributing Practice Over Time

“Sir, when should I practise? Practise only on the days that you eat.” -Shin’ichi Suzuki Memory is more effective when learning is distributed over a period of time rather than in one hit. This process of memory consolidation is known

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A Key Indicator of Future Musical Progress

Having an explicit long-term commitment is a key indicator of future progress. In a study conducted by Australian music educator Dr Gary McPherson, children were asked how long they thought they might persist with learning their instrument. The options ranged

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