Bio: Public speaker, music education trainer, conductor and pianist. Author of 'Learning Strategies for Musical Success', 'Bumblebee: Rounds & Warm-ups for Choirs', and 'Modern Harmony Method'.

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6 comments on “About
  1. Randall says:

    Where is part 3 of 3 playing music from memory?

  2. mdgriffin63 says:

    Coming soon, Randall!

  3. Travis says:

    Just a heads up, in your Learning Strategies book, in the Practice chapter, you start the page off with a quote that Beethoven is supposedly telling his teacher Czerny. Czerny (born 1791) was actually a student of beethoven, if not the most well known student of Beethovens. Just a minor correction you may want to make to at least the kindle version.

    Cheers for the great book.

    • mdgriffin63 says:

      Travis – thanks so much for the correction. Maybe I confused Czerny with Haydn. I’m actually at this moment working toward a second edition, so this is timely!

      Much appreciated,

  4. Christopher Titko says:

    Feel free to contact me, I’d like to see your work get more exposure.

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