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Music and Pictures

This series of posts explores connections between music and other Gardner-type multiple intelligences. My previous posts introduced Music and Multiple Intelligence; Music and the Body, Music and Nature, Music and Words, and Music and Numbers. Roger Ulrich was involved with

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Music in Modern China

In 2012 it was estimated that approximately 36 million Chinese children studied piano. Compare this to 6 million in the USA. Another 50 million study violin. These figures – and much of the content below were obtained from a journal article of the same

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Access to my collection of music advocacy material

I’ve decided to store my small but growing collection of music education advocacy articles, posters, podcasts and so on in a shared Dropbox folder. This is now available for you to browse, copy and use as you wish. Some articles

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Music in Ancient China

In ancient times, the Chinese regarded music as an image of the universe. As the 3rdC B.C writer Lu Pu-We said “Music expresses the accord of Heaven and Earth and produces the harmony between men and spirits”.  The objective of

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